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Skin Lightening 5% 8% and 12%

This is our custom compounded hydroquinone cream available in three strengths. This cream will help to lighten and brighten the overall complexion and correct uneven skin tone. This concentrated; hydroquinone based formula fades hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots, and other skin discoloration by prohibiting new melanin formation. This is prescription strength and dispensed through our clinic so your physician will determine the appropriate strength for your individual needs.

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Clear Defense SPF 45

Our Clear Defense SPF 45 is a light weight physical and chemical blocker. This sunscreen contains an innovative blend of active ingredients that protect the skin from multiple extrinsic factors known to cause premature aging, including UVA, UVB & Infrared Radiation. Derived from Knotweed Extract, this botanically-based ingredient is the first of its kind, preventing damage from infrared radiation, which is believed to be just as detrimental to skin health as UVA & UVB. This fast-absorbing SPF also features a high level of Niacinamide to promote a smoother, clearer complexion.

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Vitamin CE with Ferulic Acid

This is a blend of L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c) 15%, dl-Tocopherol (vitamin E) 1%, Ferulic Acid 0.05% and Acetyl Octapeptide. This combination of antioxidants will help to reverse the signs of aging by increasing collagen production, and correcting environmental damage you have been exposed to while also protecting you from future damage.

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pH Balance Toner

This toner is enriched with peptides and botanical ingredients such as grapefruit peel extract, aloe leaf extract, chamomile flower extract to nourish the skin. Using this toner will remove excess dirt/oil and prep the skin for moisturizers and make-up. Using a toner with these types of plant based ingredients will not only calm and hydrate the skin but give you a more refreshed look.

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Revitalizing Cleanser

This cleanser is fortified with an anti-aging peptide complex that includes essential oils and extracts to cleanse condition and invigorate. This light cleanser is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin and will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

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Needle Free Serum

This product combines several ingredients including hyaluronic acid. This is a common ingredient used in many cosmetic fillers. This combo has been clinically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin production. We naturally begin to lose collagen as we age and this will help to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles.

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This prescription topical treatment is a combination of 7% Hydroquinone and 0.05% Tretinoin. This product will help to reduce brown spots, lighten uneven skin tone brought on by sun exposure or hormones and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

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RA Cream 0.025%

This is a custom compounded Tretinoin therapy Retin A! that will stimulate the renewal of healthy skin cells and help to reduce fine lines.

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Intensive Recovery Cream

This specialized formulation reduces sensitivity while increasing moisture. It is rich, emollient and will reduce the irritation associated with the use of retinoid products.

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Age Defense Kit

This age defense kit is your skincare routine simplified. This all in one system includes the Revitalizing Cleanser, RA Cream 0.025%, pH Balance Toner, Vitamin CE combined with Feurlic Acid and the Clear Defense SPF 45.

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